Taking my knowledge of digital conversions/sales, website design and fitness coaching and packaging it into an affordable solution for personal trainers and wellness professionals to create their very own online system which generates leads and clients.

A desire to help "FitPros" create a profitable online presence

I know a large number of fitness professionals who regularly struggle to generate new clients leads. Some don't know where to start with anything other than Facebook and Instagram, some already have a badly constructed, poorly thought-out and overly expensive website which rarely does the business for them.

This is why I have created, as I wanted to offer a bridge to fitness professionals who desperately need to start winning in their business.

So who am I? 

So, I hear you asking...who the hell is this guy?  Well, my name is Andrew from Cheshire in the UK, and I have been doing digital marketing for as long as I can remember - not only building systems for myself, but also for a vast number of SME clients and entrepreneurs around the world in places such as Sweden, The United States, Australia...not to mention here in the UK.

Being passionate about the gym and fitness lead me to becoming a fully-qualified/fledged fitness instructor, personal trainer, kettlebell coach and circuit trainer where I worked at one of the more upmarket gyms in the UK, David Lloyd.

Before getting involved in digital marketing and personal training, I actually worked in Moscow, Russia as a private English teacher to wealthy family's children for almost 10 years of my life.

So the journey I have been on in my life has lead me to this point, here and now, wanting to help you ease the financial burdens that come with the development of high-quality digital media which works to help you grow and avoid the plethora of guru bullshit fed daily via Facebook advertising...

I really have a goal of helping thousands of fitness and wellness professionals around the world become more confident and bold with their overall presence online and give them to platform to acquire new leads without having to do many of the manual processes - all without having to prescribe yourself to many of the extremely dodgy 'gurus' out there selling false promises for vast amounts of money!

You'll also get instant access to a new private Facebook group geared towards growth in your business, getting more out of your digital media, tutorials to drive more leads and being part of a community of people just like you who are driving towards making more profit in their business with minimal drama! Fancy joining it? Click here