Best Landing Page Builders To Grow Your Fitness Business


March 29, 2020

There's literally no better time to jump on the bandwagon and get a landing page designed for your fitness business (or any business for that matter). It wasn't that long ago that a business would need to invest thousands of pounds or dollars to get an online web presence.

Note: I said INVEST. You should not see a landing page development as a 'cost'. A good landing page with a focus on generating leads and revenue is a solid investment that will let you to recoup the fee hundreds of times over.

The rise of drag and drop page builders

In 2020, there are a plethora of drag and drop page builders which lets those who do not possess design or tech skills to create their very own landing page for their business to advertise their services to everyone with access to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Since we have a lot of downtime at the moment due to COVID-19, there is no better time to jump in and start learning a new and valuable marketing skill.

If funds are tight due to difficult times and you don't have the luxury of handing the workload over to a developer or marketer, you can seriously have a go at it yourself! Getting something functional up and running is not too difficult at all. 

There are plenty of Facebook groups and YouTube videos out there who lend a helping hand to business owners setting up their own landing page to generate more leads.  

They're extremely cost effective as well and you get a lot of bang for your buck. These drag and drop builders also lets you to create a full website as well, but that is a far bigger task if you're just beginning. 

Landing pages are far simpler in their make up and you can get one up and running in a couple of hours if you focus on it.

Web design is a much longer process and requires all sorts of considerations and factors like branding, images, logos etc. That's definitely for another blog post though.

Is a landing page the same as a website?

A landing page has one aim, to convert the visitor into a lead or a sale. Unlike a website, there are not menus, no social media icons and nothing which 'distracts' the visitor from converting. 

The aforementioned distractions give your visitors the opportunity to get fidgety around your website and go through all pages before their attention span wains.

You want your landing page to be there so answer your visitor's most pressing concern or pain, have them commit to downloading your lead magnet and then follow up with them via email, introduce them to your website through the backend via blog posts around specific topics etc.

If your aim is turning visitors into customers, you really ought to have a landing page. Websites are great for proofing and overall brand recognition, but landing pages are where the list is it's at, and the money is in the list.  

If you look at Facebook now, and see the adverts presented on your feed, you'll very rarely see an advert click though to a website. It's because the conversions will be less, as previously mentioned, if there is an option to do so, people will go off wandering around your website and then forget the reason they came there in the first place.

You want people to focus on their fitness problem and your fitness solution. 

The simplicity of using a drag and drop landing page builder

As mentioned above, the companies who create these landing page builders are not only targeting developers, but they are also targeting the entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. 

This is because they have made their tools more or less fool proof.

To put it simply, these landing page editors either let you start from a completely blank canvas or edit their pre-designed templates. The page builders give you more than 50 design and functional elements to add to the landing page to such as:

  • Text and images
  • Sign up forms
  • Countdown timers
  • Styled lists
  • Progress bars
  • Facebook comments
  • Google maps
  • Testimonial blocks
  • Guarantee boxes
  • Videos players

If you're starting from a blank canvas, you simply drag and drop an element onto the canvas from the side bar, and then edit it live on the screen. You can change the colours to anything you desire, access Google font's library and use the images you want. 

Everything you would require to build a landing page to generate leads and customers is available in these page builders.

As mentioned, all the page builders provide free templates which you can simply choose to work from and edit every single part and move elements around to make it look and feel like your own. Super easy and super convenient.

What is the best landing page builder to use?

I wanted to compile two or three of the landing page builders I continue to use in my business on a daily basis. I do not see the point in reviewing all landing page builders otherwise this article would go on forever, and too many choices result in procrastination.

I want to give you honest advice on the tools which help me generate regular income due to ease of deployment and quality of product.

I want to give you honest advice on the tools which help me generate regular income due to ease of deployment and quality of product.

Thrive Architect Page Builder

Thrive Architect has been my go to for building pages (and websites) for years. It's a WordPress landing page plugin by Thrive Themes; who are a company who make conversion focused software for online businesses, they have an whole marketing suite of plugins for WordPress like popup builders, quiz creators, page A/B split testing and many more.

But lets focus on the landing page creator

Get a landing page in minutes with Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect lets you to build visually stunning and engaging landing pages in very quick fashion, and it's purpose is conversions, right off the bat. The developers set out to create a WordPress page builder which placed an emphasis on marketing functionality over 'design'. 

Many page builders tend to focus on the aesthetics (which is less important these days..)

The instant drag and drop editor on Thrive Architect gives you the ability to quickly start building a landing page simply by clicking, dragging and dropping the elements on to the canvas which you would like to use and editing them as you see fit; this can be things like changing colour, font, size, spacing, adding shadows and a whole host of functions.

You can use the free landing page templates from Thrive Architect's template cloud

It basically removes any coding obstacles which you would typically associate with building conversion focused landing pages.

As well as traditional sales pages, Thrive Architect lets you build most types of landing pages with relative ease (or just use and edit a template from their free library), such as:

  • Video sales letters (VSL)
  • Webinar pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Confirmation pages
  • Download pages

When creating a landing page with a free download to get people on to your email list, you should ideally be sending them to a thank you page afterwards, it much more professional and personalised. With Thrive Architect it's super easy to set up this mini lead generation funnel. 

It's why I have used it for so long for most of my online sales

Thrive Architect does not come packaged with a way to accept payments (a cart), but you can use this cart software in conjunction with thrive architect to make sales pages where you can accept payments from your clients and customers.

If you're wanting an affordable landing page builder at a one off cost for just $67.00 USD, then Thrive Architect is a no brainer. You'll struggle to find a page builder equipped with the marketing elements to use.

We create a lot of conversion focused websites using Thrive Architect, which is a combination of a landing page and a traditional website. You can see examples below by clicking the images.

Fitness website templates for wordpress

Example of a conversion focused website design created with Thrive Architect

Grow your fitness business with website templates by thrive architect

Example of a conversion focused website design created with Thrive Architect

Are you interested in getting free Thrive Architect "Fit Pro" landing pages? Sign up here and I will send you 100% free templates for you to use with your own projects. You can customise them as much as you like with the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress.

Are you interested in getting free Thrive Architect "Fit Pro" landing pages? Sign up below and I will send you 100% free templates for you to use with your own projects. You can customise them as much as you like with the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress.

Bear in mind, when using WordPress, you will need to purchase separate hosting for your website to be live online. You can learn all this and more by enrolling to join my free course 


ClickFunnels is an extremely platform which currently serves over 100,000 entrepreneurs worldwide and has generated over $4,000,000,000 USD (that's 4 billion, yes!) for users of the platform; or "funnelhackers" as they are call themselves.

Russell Brunson is the brain behind the software and is the author of some of the most popular marketing books which have changed the lives of many entrepreneurs and the way they build and grow a business.

His most notable and best-selling internet marketing books books include 👇👇

They are all free books, you basically just cover the shipping and handling ; definitely worth reading if you're looking for proven ways to make an impact in your industry.

But anyway, I am writing this to talk about the ClickFunnels page builder, not the books! With ClickFunnels, their landing page and sales funnel builder has one goal in mind, to convert your traffic into leads and customers by pointing them to ONE offer or solution they need which solves their current problem in their life or business.

Remember what I said about websites being a distraction when it comes to generating new opportunities?..sales messages are often ignored in websites because of the visitors tendency to go exploring. Landing pages focus on the prospecting and the money making. 

ClickFunnels is a super simple page builder and really designed for those with absolutely zero tech skills and encapsulates the above sentiment. Again, it's a drag and drop editor with a point and click canvas, so click on any element and you can edit text and colours (etc) live on the screen.

The interface is much less confusing (for want of a better word) than any of the WordPress options. You'll basically see your funnel, the pages contained in it and the order of the steps.

Start building out a sales funnel - even if you are a beginner and have no coding experience

Also, because it's a self hosted platform, all the updates are done manually for you, so there is zero maintenance for you to do. WordPress requires manual updates every now and again, but it's simply a click of a button to update things in WordPress.

The interface is much less confusing (for want of a better word) than any of the WordPress options. You'll basically see your funnel, the pages contained in it and the order of the steps.

Taking payments with ClickFunnels

When creating sales pages you can quickly and easily set up a 2-step checkout which lets you to securely accept card payments and PayPal straight on the page. So if you want people to buy from your page, you can easily do this with a couple of clicks.

All you need to do is configure your PayPal and Stripe accounts to work with ClickFunnels and you're at the races! There are many tutorials on ClickFunnels which show you how to do this!

To have your own cart with the WordPress options, you would need an additional software, so you would need to factor this in to your business budget, particularly if you are working small to begin with.

If you'd prefer an all in one solution to building an online business without needing to maintain or code anything, ClickFunnels is a good starting option. It starts at $97.00 USD per month (£76.00 GBP)

If you wanted to build a full website with ClickFunnels, it's recommended you use WordPress. ClickFunnels does not perform well in the search when it comes to organic traffic (SEO) from Google. 

By all means, use for landing pages and sales funnels...but for web design, use WordPress with either Thrive Architect or Elementor

You can try ClickFunnels free for 14 days and give it a test drive! As mentioned, there are lots of tutorials online and I am considering launching a quick and easy course showing you how you can get a landing page up ready to take payments in as little as 1 hour.

I highly recommend looking at the 3 books by Russell Brunson, get a deeper insight into sales and marketing, and then try out ClickFunnels!

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is another drag and drop page builder for WordPress; just like Thrive Architect I discussed above.

The functions are more or less the same apart from Elementor is more 'designer' focused as opposed to being marketing driven, so it will have things like gallery sliders, image carousels and 'designery' website style elements.

Elementor actually has a free version, which makes it appealing for those on very strict budgets. It lets you to get to grips with how it all works, but the 'pro' version is where it's at. 

The pro version gives you:

  • Customisable template library
  • Theme builder
  • Pop up builder
  • Online store builder
  • Comment forms

Elementor actually has a free version, which makes it appealing for those on very strict budgets. It lets you to get to grips with how it all works, but the 'pro' version is where it's at. 

Again, it is just a case of either editing a pre-existing template, or building from scratch by dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas, then editing on the screen. 

Beautiful Elementor templates free when you purchase Elementor Pro version

In terms of templates, they have a lot of very high quality design focused, 1 click install templates in their library for pro users to use for whatever they wish. 

In terms of what you can build with Elementor, it's all down to your imagination. I have found I can build anything I can build with Thrive Architect in Elementor, and vice versa.

The strength of Elementor is it's versatility in building things like online stores! Again, this doesn't include a payment system. You would need to set that up separately via something called WooCommerce.

A major difference between Elementor and Thrive Architect is the fact that Elementor has a lot of 3rd party plugins available for it, such as style kits, custom elements and templates to take your page design even further, this is great for creative websites who want to make a maximum impression

But remember we are talking about landing pages, beautiful designs can distract your visitors from the messaging on your site. So I always think against having all the bells and whistles on my landing pages. Save that for your website!

I would honestly bypass the free version of Elementor and opt for the pro version which is only $49.00 USD per year (£38.00 GBP). You'll get instant access to all elements, features and templates to get your page up as quickly as possible. 

Landing page builder summary

For personal trainers, gyms and fitness related businesses, you can't really go wrong with any of the page builders. Our site for example runs exclusively on Thrive Architect, and our funnels run on ClickFunnels (Dot Com Secrets sold me on using ClickFunnels). 

I don't believe you should always have all your eggs in one basket. Be diverse with your business and use whatever lets you to work at scale!

What you shouldn't do is stay idle! Either jump on WordPress train and start playing around with landing pages and getting them out the world, or use an easier, all encompassing system to build an online business from.

All of the above are mobile responsive landing page builders which means they give you the option to edit the mobile version of the page you are building separately. Most of your traffic will be coming from mobile, so it's important we pay close attention to how your landing looks on a mobile phone.

As mentioned, i have an upcoming course on building a fitness-based landing page and marketing system with WordPress. If you would like to register and receive a notification when it's live, feel free to register here

I hope you enjoyed this landing page builder summary! Until next time..."stay frosty" (reference to one of my favourite films (Aliens)

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