Take Your Smartphone Filmmaking To The Next Level


April 6, 2020

Let's face it, most fit pros are now creating online content to build an audience and trying to mimic what the celebrity personal trainers are doing on YouTube or playing around with on Tik-Tok, without having access to the expensive equipment and possible camera person filming everything as you move, which means it's important you get creative with your smartphone high-quality camera.

There are a number of smartphone filmmaking accessories which can help you make a YouTube video on your phone, but many of them are static which means you have to stay in the camera view and create videos with small ranges of body movement. 

Pivo removes the requirement for a camera operator when filming simple tutorial videos like fitness; or any other type of business for that matter.


Smartphone filmmaking made easier with Pivo

Pivo is a pretty nifty little smartphone pod which works to maximise your smartphones capabiilties when it comes to creating high-quality digital media; photography and videography - but I want to focus on the video side of things.

So in a nutshell, this Pivo device has several features which could benefit your fitness filmmaking such as smart tracking, auto-tracking and 9 other quick create modes to bring what could ordinarily be your standard, run-of-the-mill piece of content, into something much more active and engaging.

I am always talking about doing things differently that what other people are doing. Differentiation and versatility is key in building an audience and keeping them engaged - so it's worth investing extra time into your video content which people will watch. 

The ManyMe feature is fantastic and ultra engaging which basically lets you to create multiple versions of you in your photography (great for blog posts!)

Why use Pivo to create high-quality YouTube or Tik-Tok videos

It's one of those plug 'n' play gadgets where you simply take it out of the box, charge it up, install the app on your phone and then get started. The beauty is in it's simplicity! you need to create an account and pair your phone to the device via Bluetooth. 

Once you place the phone either vertically or horizontally, you're ready to start recording your content; it comes with a remote control so you can start testing out all of the available tracking modes and start instantly getting content ideas. 

Things that spring to mind for fit pros when it comes to recording video content would be something like circuit stations being recorded in an open space which means Pivo would follow you from activity to activity, or walking lunges. 

Also we naturally want to move, when we're talking on camera about a specific topic for an extended period of time, we may want to adjust position. The Pivo camera mount's smart tracking basically alleviates the worry of being out of the frame as it will make sure it tracks you all the way.

What comes boxed with Pivo

As you would with any gadget, you'll receive the basics needed to operate completely. In the Pivo box, as well as the main pod, you'll receive:

  • Panoramic mount
  • Adjustable mount
  • Remote control
  • Travel case
  • USB cable
  • User guide

As mentioned, its a case of using it right out of the box (obviously after charging). It couldn't be any more easy than that. I don't like gadgets which take an age to configure and creates a steep learning curve. 

The remote control will let you to change shooting modes, capture, speed and all rotation functions, giving you complete control over how your video will turn out.

Is Pivo worth investing in?

It's quite a low barrier entry considering what you can actually do with it. If you want to really double your efforts on video content, it would probably be a very shrewd investment considering it's just $109 USD (£87 GBP).

It shoots 360 panoramic videos and gives you total control when it comes to creating videos which are different and more versatile than others you may see online. 

You can also set up live streaming to your YouTube and Facebook channels, which is great for engagement and growing a large following. In addition to Facebook and YouTube, they have a partnership with UStream which allows streaming on 30+ other online platforms which is great for diversifying your audience reach


Visit the Pivo website to learn more about this filmmaking pod and some of the example videos you can create with it 👇

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