How Fit Pros Can Take Online Payments With Thrivecart


March 28, 2020

Taking online payments is something we as fit pros need to start getting used fact, the way we "do business" has changed...people who were traditionally upfront cash payers for goods and services are now gearing towards paying and accessing every day and niche services on the web.

 For personal trainers, the way you conduct their business activities is making a huge shift now as everyone is moving towards online personal training - with this change comes the ability to work with clients outside your typical locale. 

Accepting online payments is one area of business that personal trainers need to really think about and dial in. So when a client books online sessions with you or even access to your online course or membership site, you receive the money instantaneously. 

You can obviously do this with PayPal or Stripe payments by sending your client a payment link and having them pay that way. But some clients don't have or want to use be mindful of that! Another way would be to use a service like Quickbooks which lets you to create invoices, send them to clients and see when they read and pay the invoice.

Maximising Your Revenue With A Thrivecart Sales System

All sounds good, but really, personal trainers need to be making the most of every sales opportunity and using a system designed to maximise revenue per customer - this means as well as offering your servicing, you give the customer an opportunity to purchase 'add ons' or 'order bumps' to their current order during the same transactional phase.

This is extremely powerful when it comes to adding more value to the customer experience as well as letting you to recoup any advertising cost it took to get the client onto your sales page or website - or maybe you just like the sound of extra money!

In order to do this, you need an online shopping cart system which lets you to build quick and easy sales processes for your services. Sounds complicated? Well, not really! 

There are a multitude of shopping cart softwares and drag and drop landing page builders out there which let you to build quick and easy sales funnels without any real tech knowledge needed. 

A good software which will make you more money should give you the necessary point and click features such as:

1-click order bumps

Funnel builder

Discount Coupons

Auto-follow ups

Detailed sales statistics

1-click upsells

A/B testing

Autoresponder integrations

Discount URL

Landing page designer

The last thing you want as a personal trainer to be making things complicated. The less complication you have in the back-end of your business, the more stress-free the front-end will be. I've seen many personal trainers struggle to manage their time effectively because they try to have too many complicated processes up and running.

In reality, you can get away with the bear minimum to start. This would simply mean having a dedicated landing page which clearly explains and gives an overview of your value proposition and then gives the prospect a chance to purchase your service.

Thrivecart is the payment software I use on a daily basis to generate more revenue for my business, and to be honest with's one of the easiest business tools you will ever use - even for those with a phobia of online software or tech.

It makes it very easy for you to create your own 'cart' or 'sales funnel' for products and services with a simple drag and drop editor. What's great about this is it takes you through the process of setting up the details step-by-step, instead of having to do everything on one page.

You are guided through creation of your cart in steps so there is no overwhelm or stress - it's super easy!

You can basically have a solid sales system up and running in minutes, not weeks with the drag and drop cart page editor👇👇

Using Thrivecart To Grow Your PT Business in 2020 And Beyond

We're all in business to provide value to our customers and to make money from doing what we are passionate about in the process. So the software you use should really match your ambitions to achieve the aforementioned and be your most reliable employee when it comes to increase your amount of paying customers.

Personal trainers need to be aligning themselves with the marketing tools which will let customers to experience a smooth transaction - you want to set the precedent right away. Thrivecart's tool set gives you the opportunity to create really awesome looking checkouts which will instantly give you the trust factor and separate you from other PT's simply sending people to PayPal; it doesn't look professional in my book.

Thrivecart is currently on a lifetime licence right now at $495.00 USD (+VAT where applicable). It's a substantial saving as most other carts which are similar in make up to Thrivecart would charge you $97.00 per month and have nowhere near the capability to power your business like Thrivecart can. The lifetime licence not going to be available forever, so to prevent any disappointment and avoid losing out on lifetime updates at a one time price, you should act now.

Not only that, you want to be taking advantage of a customer's open wallet. Services such as PayPal don't allow you to create order bumps or upsells, this means you're basically limited to selling one service or product at a time - so you're potentially losing money per sale.

If you're serious about generating decent amounts of forecastable revenue as a PT, these online marketing systems you can create with Thrivecart are such an important part of the process.

Some other great (and probably more advanced) features of Thrivecart include:

Affiliate centre

Automated receipts

Secure URLs

Video carts

Membership site integration

Digital sales tax

Trials before payments

2-Step Checkouts

Promoting your high-ticket offers

If you have a high-ticket offer, Thrivecart is particularly handy - you can easily onboard affiliates who will go away and market your product for you in exchange for a commission; which you would obviously have to agree on. In affiliate management section in Thrivecart is extremely easy to set up, and typically you would have to purchase additional software and go through a whole load of configuration to get things rolling. 

There are so many niche blogs that you can reach out to to pitch your product for them to go ahead and advertise it to their audience. This way, they only get paid when you make a sale, so there is no wasting money on advertising in the first instance. Obviously, your product should be a little different than the rest! Generic "lose weight in 30 days" probably won't fly with many people.

You can then set up your affiliates in just a few clicks, provide them with a unique URL to your landing page on Thrivecart and that's it! Done! No hassle, no need to hire freelancers to get things moving. It's important that all these processes are extremely straight-forward, you don't want to be part time personal trainer, part time tech wizard. It doesn't work!

Configuring Thrivecart's online payment system with a membership site

Many personal trainers are turning to online courses and membership sites. There is sometimes a little confusion between the two. Online courses are something you typically charge a one-off fee to access the content, while memberships sites which users typically pay every month to access new content and features which drip feed as time goes on. 

If a member misses a payment, they do not get access to the content. As a rule of thumb, membership sites typically have a lifetime customer value of approximately 4 months. 

I would say online courses are more valuable than membership sites as you are receive money in one amount at the transactional phase of the customer journey, as opposed to a customer paying a small fee per month and then hoping they like the content enough to stick around for the next payment.

Either way, whichever you decide to go with, Thrivecart actually integrates natively with many membership and course services such as Teachable - which means there is not a lot of messing around needed it you wanted to connect them together so Thrivecart takes the payments and conducts any upsells, and Teachable provides the access to the learning environment.

With teachable though, you will be paying more in fees per sale. PayPal or Stripe take their cut, and then Teachable would take their percentage. If your course is a high-ticket course, it soon adds up.

Also, online course platforms don't have conversion focused carts like what I am referring to, which means you'll lack the features such as order bumps and upsells which maximise your revenue. 

Thrivecart's Powerful 2-step checkout

An example of a 2-step checkout with Thrivecart. This alleviates any overwhelm for visitors. First step presents the product details, order bump and the second step presents the payment options. You can add testimonials underneath the payment button to counter any second-thoughts. The left column remains the same with a video presenting the product and a dynamic overview of the cost.

👉 Test the checkout here (don't worry it's not a live checkout)

There's not one sales page I have which doesn't run on Thrivecart; especially since I don't have to pay monthly for it, which saves me about $97.00 a month 

Personal trainers can also get Thrivecart at a one off price, but a little more on that a bit further down this page! 👇👇

I don't want to go on too much more about Thrivecart, as I don't want this to turn into a long sales pitch, but in today's climate, there are so many personal trainers who are going to be making that switch to the online marketplace, so it's important you really dial in your processes, your sales system and follow ups.

Having systems which work like a full time employee will save you so much time (and money); from experience. You really don't need all the bells and whistles to start, but you do need a solid system to present your product with, and generate sales from it. 

Don't be simply relying on Facebook and hoping someone engages with your profile. It's not a long-term viable strategy..

...unless, you have the systems in place on your public profile and groups - but that's another blog post for the future.

Thrivecart announced that soon their users will allow you to create custom landing pages in addition to the cart. So you will be able to basically use that on all of your social media and take your fan base and connections from Facebook onto your landing page, and then onto your sales page.

If you're not design savvy, I am sure there will be a tonne of point and click templates to modify to fit your brand etc. It's something I am really excited for - it'll be a game changer for sure when it comes to speed and deployment of offers to your audience

I hope this blog gave you some food for thought! If you're on the fence about Thrivecart, feel free to reach out to me and I will happily give you a test account in my account so you can see for yourself how good a software it is, and give you some ideas of how you can use it to generate a sustainable income stream.

If you get Thrivecart through the button below I will give you three cart templates you can instantly use in your business which have generated 5-figures for my clients services. You'll get all the sequencing for the upsells and downsells and get your funnel ready in minutes

Should You Get Thrivecart?


A flawless and ultra reliable piece of software which will help you grow your business. You'll wonder how you managed without it!

Ease of use

The step-by-step onboarding is fantastic for beginners and more advanced features are fantastic for those with a tech team.


It cannot be beaten. A lifetime deal which will save you over $1000.00 per year compared to other tools you pay monthly for.

Overall rating :  5 / 5

I highly recommend any personal trainer wanting to accept online payments to jump on Thrivecart. It's currently on a lifetime pricing, which means that you only pay for the software once which comes in at a price of just $495.00 USD (£388.00 GBP)

To take advantage of the "Pro" version which gives you the affiliate ability, automatic tax calculations, custom domain functionality and more. The pro version is an upgrade for just $195.00 USD (£152.00 GBP)

Instead of investing monthly in a cart software, grab Thrivecart on the lifetime deal while the offer is still available. It has a fantastic community of entrepreneurs and it truly is in a league of it's own when it comes to helping online businesses grow.

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